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The Solus Solar Roof System





If you want to preserve the aesthetic or architectural appeal of your roof; or for aesthetic reasons you just do not have permission to place large conventional solar panels; or you are looking for a high performance product and excellent quality that can produce maximum power, SOLUS solar roof system offers the ideal solution.

Solus solar roof tile SE_F.B.S is equipped with high quality, monochristalline solar cells with the addition of a unique cooling system. Proper cooling of the solar cell is important for both performance and longevity.


- power density: 88 Wp/mē
- lightweight: 14kg/mē
- high aesthetic value
- recyclable
- maintenance free
- can easily be installed by professionals
- roof and PV in single installation
- homes with solar roof tiles create added value
- generally accepted for historical buildings
- stronger than clay tiles
- have flexible connectors
- each Solar Roof tile SE_F.B.S. has a bypass diode
- crystalline mono 18V solar panel of the highest quality
- made in Europe
- parts produced and assembled at ISO approved manufacturers
- Solus Engineering provides calculation for both price and installation
- Solus Engineering assistance in placing first roof.

WARRANTIES Solus Engineering

- Output 88 Wp/mē / 10 years 90% / 25 years 80%
- Moss free 30 years
- 15 years color consistency UV factor
- Self cooling / ventilation 30 years
- Wind resistance 180 km / h (wind lock system)
- Temperature resistance -40C to +85 C
- Water proof 30 years
- IEC certificates issued by TUV Rheinland Koln

Certificate TUV Rheinland Koln
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