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Solus Engineering began with funding from a group of investors who strongly believed in renewable energy - especially solar energy. Our construction experience and other practical experience were fully leveraged for product development and the creation of Solus Engineering. We designed the product from A to Z resulting in what is now a reliable and compact "solar panel" tile or better "solar roof tile".

How it all began:

After visiting several solar energy fairs it became evident that large solar panels are not aesthetically appealing when placed on a roof. It is clear to us that something had to be done to give solar technology a more fitting look that would not harm the design and architecture of a building.

This requires extensive research. We took note of what was available on the market of aesthetic solar panel systems and evaluations were done to evaluate price, technical advantages and disadvantages of these systems. It turns out that these systems have a cooling and wind resistance problem and were rather expensive for consumers.

We studied the characteristics of different photovoltaic possibilities and after a comparative analysis we decided to work with monochristalline solar cells. A small solar panel, used in the Solus solar roof tile SE_F.B.S, is the same type of solar cell that is used in Freiburg, Germany - which was also the first City to use solar energy to protect the Black Forest against pollution -and has been used for more than 40 years without any problem.

Research points out the following minimum requirements that need to be met: wind resistance, ventilation & cooling, durability, color retention, power output of more than 25 years. In addition, everything had to meet the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (or IEC) for solar panels.

The mission for Solus Engineering was clear: develop a simple product that could meet all these demands. In addition to research, a test roof was built with prototypes. The test gave insight about excellent power output produced over a year.

The idea to use the classic Nordic roof tile model where a solar panel would fit in was born. This roof tile would act as the reinforced mount of the solar panel. Detailed advice and practical recommendations obtained from certified roofers, plumbers and electricians were then used in the design and implementation of the Solus Solar roof system. Understanding how they install roofs and how they solve their technical problems played an extremely important part in the design of the Solus Solar roof tiles.

This knowledge led to the development of the flat roof tile made from injected composite materials with pin and inlet system, as well as a ventilation slot unique to the Solus solar roof tile SE_F.B.S. The pin and inlet system is designed for easy roof mount and to move the clamped roof tile in all directions for a perfect fit; suitable to cover all kinds of roofs completely. This unique system can easily be applied to any roof by a professional roofer.

The whole process took two years to complete - allowing us to apply for certification.
Once the production process was fine-tuned we went to TUV Rheinland and started the certification process according to the IEC standards. On May 31st 2012 we obtained the certificate and authorization to start selling.

In case you want to visit one of our pilot homes in Belgium and the Netherlands , or if you want to know more about our products please send us an email at

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