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WELCOME at Solus Engineering

In an ever changing world where renewable energy can no longer be ignored, SOLUS ENGINEERING brings you a unique, integrated solar roofing system; a system that provides a sustainable aesthetic alternative to larger solar panels.

Architects, engineers and city planners are extremely unsatisfied with the view of the large solar panels. Giant, unappealing to the point where some residential areas prohibit solar panels.

SOLUS ENGINEERING provides a durable and affordable alternative to solar panels that preserves a buildings appeal, provides "green" electricity, and makes the home energy independent!

SOLUS ENGINEERING Solar roof system gives an instant added value to the building as a result of its innovative aesthetic design - propelling a faster resale of property.

The SOLUS ENGINEERING roof tiles are made from fully recyclable materials and are easy to install. High guarantees not only offer Solus Engineering a way to protect your home but, also a way to provide renewable energy - All of this in a single, onetime installation.

SOLUS ENGINEERING roof system is 100% passive meaning; it has no moving parts such as components in wind energy systems and heat pumps.
Renewable energy is the future to make our planet safe for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc and there should be no doubt about this. SOLUS ENGINEERING is your partner and we want to work with you to take up that responsibility.

Our aesthetic Solar roof tile is an improvement of the existing roof tile; the roof we all know but just "reinvented".